Drawn to the tempting challenge of perfecting the technical skill and assimilating the specialized information required to elucidate the broad field of medicine through the hyper realistic artefacts of modern air-brush- and computer illustrations and animations, the artist and illustrator Bo Veisland chose to devote himself to this endeavour. Virtuosity in drawing, painting and sculpting, evident in his hobbies and extra-curricular projects, he expressed by a rather young age; but, later, when indulging himself in a 5-year education programme in zoological preservation and model-making in Denmark, he clearly marked his goal.

Through three decades Bo Veisland shared his time between illustration and fine art, bearing in mind the distinct and crisp line distinguishing the two disciplines. With his free art he had no particular ambition for or pretension of exhibiting plastic perfection, but rather sought a sphere beyond that. Many drawings, lithography’s, etchings, paintings and polychrome GRP-sculptures have been exposed at approximately 50 exhibitions mainly in Europe, as he masters quite a number of the current artistic techniques. He has also illustrated novels, poetry and numerous articles for art reviews.

However, the stimulation obtained from developing those illustrative and exceptionally highly refined images to be used for medical publications long since won the heart of the artist. The knowledge and solid experience of drawing, painting, sculpting and preserving the organic tissue results in the ideal synergy to shape the basis for building the perfect pictorial sequences and stills. Today, the medical illustrations by Bo Veisland are found in numerous medical publications as books, films, internet-sites and pamphlets.

At present Bo Veisland and his staff are deeply involved in extending their work to meet the future demands in the field of medical education programmes.

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