Medical image has in co-operation with Orion Pharma developed a device for doctors and staff who treat and take care of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease

An interactive multimedia package on CD-ROM. The programme has been created in co-operation with specialists in neurology* to provide information and to answer several questions such as:

· What is Parkinson’s disease?

· What causes the disease?

· What medical treatments are there?

· What are the symptoms in the compilation phase?

· What additional treatment and other symptoms are there?

· What effects can neurosurgery have?

The information is given with the help from short texts, illustrations/animations, speakers, videos and a vocabulary. Addresses, telephone and fax umbers to patient federations in some countries are listed. The material contains a CD-ROM and a booklet.

A valuable part of the programme consists of a panel of patients and specialists answering different kind of questions about the disease. The panel of patients consists of people within a wide range and with different disabilities. The specialists are a neurologist, a neurosurgeon, a general practitioner, a nurse, an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist. The questions are based on research regarding questions patients usually would like to be given answers for but which they do not always dare to ask. This educational programme may be used in many different situations, as for example:

· Information to patient

· Information to relatives and other carers

· Staff education

· Doctor training

This programme will be updated regularly

*Associate Proffessor Hakan Widner, Wallenberg Neurocenter, Lund University, Sweden.

Important information

- This application requires Quick Time. Even though you have Quick Time 3 or 4 installed on your computer you must install Quick Time 2.5 from the CD. See the booklet page 2.

How to use this programme
This programme is divided into three parts:

1. Topic panel
Six topics with illustrated, animated and text based information accompanied by speaker voice.

2. Question panels
There are two question panels. One with Parkinsonian patients and one with health-care personnel.

3. Print options
In the question panels it is possible to reach a section containing a word list and an address list as
well as the topics

The programme can be purchased in an English - or Swedish version for 35 Euro each. The price includes handling and postage.

Please place your order and/or information requirements through e-mail:

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