Pictures have been used by man for thousands of years as the most powerful tool for communicating information. Veisland-Medical Image provides you with a modern, comprehensive and continuously expanding collection of high-quality medical illustrations. The collection covers human anatomy from the gross to the micro-scopic level. The visual impact is of course dependent on both form and content. We therefore rely on substantial medical competence to create communicative and precisely accurate medical illustrations.

The photo-realistic images are painted in our studio, which is headed by BoVeisland, an artist with a life long experience in creating detailed medical illustrations for encyclopaedias, books, videos, internet- and other publications.

The collection also contains a large number of computer-made and conceptual illustrations. Each illustration is designed in close collaboration with our board of medical experts to assure absolute correctness. Illustrations and animations are also tailored to costumer specifications. We supply any medical image product you may need, from simple schematic illustration and diagrams to complex clay- and computer-made models and animations. Contact us for a discussion on how we can fulfil your personal requirements.

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